Pay to Play: How to Promote Your Music on Spotify

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Spotify, one of the world’s leading music streaming platforms, offers artists a fantastic opportunity to share their music with a global audience. However, in a sea of millions of tracks, gaining visibility can be a challenge. Many artists are eager to promote their music on Spotify, and they may wonder how to invest in this endeavor. In this article, we’ll explore different ways to pay for music promotion on Spotify, including advertising options, playlist pitching services, and other strategies to boost your Spotify presence.

1. Spotify Ad Studio

Spotify Ad Studio is the platform’s self-serve advertising platform that allows artists to create and run audio ads. These ads can be targeted to reach specific demographics, regions, or even listener behaviors. Here’s how it works:

  • Create an Ad: You can create your own audio ad using Ad Studio. It’s essential to craft a compelling and engaging message or call to action in your ad.
  • Set a Budget: Spotify allows you to set a budget for your campaign. You can choose between two types of campaigns: Audio Everywhere and Sponsored Sessions.
  • Target Your Audience: Spotify provides options to target your audience based on various criteria, including age, gender, location, and music tastes.
  • Launch Your Campaign: Once your ad is created, the budget is set, and targeting parameters are defined, you can launch your campaign. Your ad will then be played to the selected audience.

Spotify Ad Studio is an effective way to reach new listeners, but it’s essential to create an engaging ad that captures the attention of your target audience.

2. Playlist Pitching Services

Playlist pitching services are platforms and companies that offer to pitch your music to Spotify playlist curators, increasing your chances of getting included in popular Spotify promotion. Some of these services charge a fee, while others may operate on a commission basis, taking a percentage of your earnings from increased streams. Here’s how they work:

  • Submit Your Music: You submit your music to the playlist pitching service, providing details about your song and your target audience.
  • Pitching and Promotion: The service pitches your song to playlist curators who manage playlists within your genre or style. If they like your track, they may include it in their playlists.
  • Analytics and Reports: Many pitching services provide analytics and reports that show how your song is performing in various playlists, helping you track the success of your campaign.

While these services can be helpful, it’s essential to research and choose a reputable and transparent provider to ensure that your investment yields results.

3. Influencer Marketing and Sponsored Posts

Influencer marketing has become a prevalent method for promoting music on Spotify. You can collaborate with influencers in your genre or niche who have a significant following. These influencers can create content around your music, share it with their audience, and help you gain more streams. Here’s how it works:

  • Identify Influencers: Look for influencers who align with your music and target audience. Consider their engagement rate, audience size, and style to find the right fit.
  • Negotiate Terms: Reach out to influencers and negotiate the terms of your collaboration. You can pay them a fee for featuring your music in their content or offer other incentives.
  • Content Creation: The influencer creates content, such as reviews, reactions, or endorsements, featuring your music and shares it with their followers.
  • Audience Engagement: The influencer’s endorsement can drive their audience to listen to your music on Spotify, increasing your streams and exposure.

4. Music Promotion Platforms

Several music promotion platforms and agencies specialize in helping artists increase their Spotify plays and gain more visibility on the platform. These platforms offer various services, including playlist pitching, organic growth, and targeted promotion. Here’s how they work:

  • Select a Service: Choose a music promotion platform that aligns with your goals and budget. Some offer playlist placement, while others focus on social media promotion or a combination of strategies.
  • Submit Your Music: Provide your music and details to the platform, which will use its network and resources to promote your music to a broader audience.
  • Campaign Execution: The platform runs a promotion campaign, leveraging its expertise to increase your Spotify plays and exposure.
  • Monitoring and Reporting: Many platforms offer real-time monitoring and reporting, allowing you to track the results of your campaign.

When considering a music promotion platform, be sure to read reviews, check their track record, and understand the methods they use to promote your music.

5. Collaborations and Partnerships

Collaborating with brands or businesses that align with your music can be a powerful way to promote your music on Spotify. These collaborations often involve brand sponsorships and endorsements, which can include financial support for your music promotion efforts. Here’s how you can make this work:

  • Identify Potential Partners: Look for brands, products, or businesses that resonate with your music and target audience. Consider reaching out to those that have previously sponsored or collaborated with artists.
  • Pitch Your Music: Share your music and promotional plans with potential partners. Explain how their support can mutually benefit both parties.
  • Negotiate Terms: Discuss the terms of your collaboration, including financial support, promotional strategies, and the duration of the partnership.
  • Execute the Campaign: Launch your campaign in collaboration with your partner, leveraging their resources and influence to reach a broader audience.
  • Promote on Social Media: Share your collaboration on social media and your other online platforms to maximize its impact.

Collaborations and partnerships can not only provide financial support but also increase your music’s visibility and credibility.

6. Sponsored Playlisting Services

Sponsored playlisting services are platforms that allow you to pay for placements in popular Spotify playlists. These playlists are often curated by experienced curators who have a substantial number of followers. Here’s how it works:

  • Select a Service: Choose a sponsored playlisting service that aligns with your music and goals.
  • Choose a Playlist: Browse through the available playlists and select the one that best matches your genre or style.
  • Submit Your Music: Provide your music, and pay the fee associated with getting your song included in the playlist.
  • Placement and Promotion: Once accepted, your song will be placed in the playlist, and you’ll benefit from the followers and engagement the playlist garners.

While these services can help you reach a broader audience, it’s crucial to choose playlists that align with your music, and ensure that the service is reputable and follows Spotify’s guidelines.


Promoting your music on Spotify involves a variety of strategies, and many of them can be accomplished by investing time, effort, and resources. Whether you choose to use Spotify Ad Studio, collaborate with influencers, engage a music promotion platform, or explore sponsored playlisting services, it’s essential to set clear goals and assess the effectiveness of your campaigns. By combining these paid promotion methods with organic growth strategies, you can increase your Spotify plays and make your music more accessible to a global audience. Remember that building a lasting presence on the platform takes time and consistent effort, so stay committed to your musical journey.

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