How to Tell If Your Dog Respects You

A dog that respects you may listen to you and hang on to every word. They’ll also be submissive to you by letting you groom them or touch them in places that are vulnerable, like their belly.

Often, dogs that don’t respect you are trying to assert dominance over you. If they sit on you, jump up on you or whine for food, it’s a sign that they don’t see you as the alpha leader in the house.

1. They’re calm around you

One of the best ways to tell if your dog respects you is when they are calm around you. This shows that they trust and respect you as a leader Anti anxiety dog bed, and it also means they’re happy and relaxed around you.

Your dog will also listen to your commands and respond to them quickly and easily. This is a good sign of respect, because dogs naturally understand how to obey their owners’ commands.

Other signs of respect are when your dog waits for you to come through the door, or if they don’t push ahead of you. They’ll also stay calm and not bark at people or other animals when you’re out in public.

2. They’re relaxed around other people

One of the easiest ways to tell if your dog respects you is by watching their body language. A happy and loyal dog will show a relaxed body posture with their tail wagging.

If they tense up or flinch, they’re likely feeling anxious and need to back off.

Another common sign of respect is that they’ll always let you walk through the door first. This is an indication that they think you are their pack leader.

They also may lick your face when they see you and wag their tails. These signs are all very normal and are a sure sign that they love you!

3. They’re relaxed around other animals

When a dog is relaxed around you, it means they respect your space. They won’t jump on you or grab your clothing, and they will usually wag their tails and be happy to see you.

Often dogs are very intuitive creatures and pick up on our emotions. They may also sigh or hold their eyes partially closed when they feel content and relaxed.

They will probably lick your face, or even give you a quick nuzzle, if they like your company. They will wag their tails and be happy to play with you.

This is especially true when you’re on a walk, as a dog who respects their leader will always be walking by your side and not pulling excessively. They will also let you reach the door first when you come and go, which is a very big sign of respect.

4. They’re relaxed around other dogs

When your dog is relaxed around you and other dogs, they are likely to tolerate grooming, being checked over after a walk or following your instructions when they meet new people.

They may also be willing to allow you to go first through a door or gate and will not push past you to get through.

This is a very good indication of respect, as dogs are pack animals and the leader always goes first!

A dog who is submissive will avert their eyes when you approach and show signs of submission. This includes tucking their tails under their body and flattening their ears.

5. They’re relaxed around other animals

When a dog is relaxed around other animals, they’re showing you that they respect them. This means they don’t jump at them, rush them or try to grab their food.

It’s a great idea to practice playing the “look at that” game with them so they learn that calmly observing other dogs is an acceptable behavior.

The game is simple: Have each dog walk backward while you call them to you, have them sit or lie down and then give them a treat.

This can help them understand that it’s okay to look at other animals, so they won’t be afraid to approach others in the future. It also shows them that you are in control and are willing to work with them so they’re comfortable around other people and animals.

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