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Welcome to Clash Today, a website dedicated to keeping you up to date with all things Clash of Clans. We pride ourselves in providing great Clash of Clans content.

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Supercell owner Tencent Planning to build $15 Billion Chinese Esports industry - Supercell owner Tencent looks to dominate esports in China. The following is a report from CaiXin. As organized, multiplayer video game competitions — also known as esports, or electronic sports — continue to gain recognition in China, entertainment giant Tencent Holdings Ltd. has accelerated its esports expansion with the unveiling of a new five-year plan. […]
June 2017 Balancing Update - New update coming, the following has been shared by Supercell: Greetings Chief! As we continue to develop Clash of Clans, we will be releasing updates, features, balance changes, and new content for both the Builder Base and the Town Hall. While we are proud of our accomplishments with the Builder Base, rest assured we are […]
Clash of Clans Development Team answer questions after CoC2 update - Supercell recently answered some Clasher concerns on the Reddit forum. There is disappointment or those wanting or expecting the return of the Ice Wizard, Supercell have made the following comment: “No plans to bring the Ice Wizard to Clash permanently! But we’re definitely planning to bring more temporary troops to the game – the Clashmas events […]
Supercell explains why CoC2 released - The following has been released by Supercell to explain why they have developed CoC2. The explanation is reproduced in full from the Supercell blog and attempts to justifies why all their time, expense and effort has been allocated to CoC2. What is difficult to comprehend is the developers goal of returning to game simplicity.  Surely the whole […]
Builder Base – New Update Guide - Builder Base Guide Hi guys, Judo Sloth here, I run a Clash of Clans YouTube channel and I wanted to give some advice on the new Builder Base following my experience with it from the developer build. You’ve clicked update, repaired the ship and arrived at the Builder Base – massive right, but where do […]
Supercell acquires 62% of London’s Space Ape Games for $55.8M - Some consolidation is afoot in the world of gaming. Today, Space Ape Games — a London social and mobile games studio founded by alums from Playfish, Mind Candy and EA — announced that Supercell has acquired 62 percent of the company for $55.8 million, as part of a long-term strategic partnership. The deal gives Space […]
Clash of Clans 2 by stealth - OK, it’s time for Clash Today’s verdict on the new Clash of Clans update. SHOCKING is the one word we would use. If we had to use two words it would be MONEY GRAB. What were Supercell thinking? Nobody wanted or asked for this update, other than possibly their shareholders. Yet, they force this nonsense […]
May 2017 Balancing Update - The following balance changes have been announced by Supercell. They will arrive with the new update. NEW: Clone Spell level 5 (Town Hall 11) Clone Spell levels 1-5 clone capacity increased • Clone Spell level 3 now available at Town Hall 10 Weak Clone Spells are underwhelming, especially at Town Hall 10, so we’ve unlocked […]
112 Million Clash of Clans YouTube views in a week, that’s what you call hype! - Supercell will shortly be releasing the May 2017 update for Clash of Clans and as a teaser produced a series of short videos promoting this update. Tubelifter reports that these videos have been viewed 112 Million times and is last weeks top gainer and overall sits 13th as the most viewed Youtube content. This is […]
Tencent’s WeGame heading West, Boost expected for Clash of Clans - Tencent is the owner of Clash of Clans maker Supercell and a gaming giant, especially in china where it is dominant. Venturebeat claims that Tencent is the largest gaming company in the world. Tencent, in addition to owning the majority of Supercell also owns League of Legends developer Riot Games and has stakes in Activision Blizzard […]


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34 thoughts on “Welcome to Clash Today

  1. Increase the battle time
    The difference between loot bonus in gold 1 and crystal 3 league is very high so reduce it
    I like the coc very much
    I fully ebjoy it
    keep this more and more interesting


  2. clash of clan is best games many people play him but I want a new troops from drak barak blower nxt any power full troops come the is more interesting the game


  3. Hey guys i play coc and im a th8. I have made a new clan and i need some loyal and active members who are serious about coc. It would be great if u join. Clan name: Lone Wolf™
    Tag: #GR9Q22PG
    Join up 😄✌


  4. Himanshu Sahoo:
    Make one thing….
    In the top of every heroes give space to write our hero name…for example my name is pappu so i can write pappu on the top of my KING and in other heros too..plzz make this ppl will like so much
    Clash Today:
    Hi Himanshu, Welcome to Clash Today. Great idea! Don’t forget to check out our website https://­­welcome-to-clash-toda­y/ If you are looking for some tips just use the search bar on the site.
    Himanshu Sahoo:I copy it from my fb.
    Plzz make this i think people like so much..


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