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Welcome to Clash Today, a website dedicated to keeping you up to date with the Clash Today Alliance and Clash of Clans news.

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Here are our last 10 posts, we hope you enjoy the site.

Clash Today Alliance tourney kicks off - The Clash Today Alliance Spring 2018 tourney has kicked off with 6 CTA clans involved. All clans will fight each other in the coming weeks. Week 1 was incredibly close, all wins could have been reversed with a little luck to the defeated.  
Electro Dragon: first new troop in Clash of Clans for 2 years - Supercell announced a new troop, the Electro Dragon, which is available from Town Hall 11. This is what they had to say… Not only is this new troop one of the largest ever, the Electro Dragon can soak up a moderate amount of damage and dish out punishment that’ll make enemy villages quiver in fear. […]
Town Hall 12 Update: New Troop and Hero Levels - Supercell released the following sneak peek… Town Hall 12 Update Preview – New Troop and Hero Levels Continuing on with our Town Hall 12 update previews, today’s sneak peek gives you a glimpse into the new levels your troops can be upgraded to when you reach TH12. We have added new visual elements to many […]
Introducing the Gauntlet League - The Gauntlet league, is an introductory Clash of Clans league for up-and-coming clans, and feeder/development clans. It is suitable for clans wishing to dip their toes in the league war scene. Season 2 is now open for registration. Season 1 was very enjoyable and successful for Clash Today Alliance clans. Bounty Hunters reached the final of […]
Extra name change coming in Clash of Clans June 2018 update - Supercell has released another sneak peek, the headline is the addition of an extra name change and now you can copy your clan mates bases. Read on… Town Hall 12 Update Preview – Quality of Life (QoL) Improvements Who says you have to choose between quality and quantity? With the Town Hall 12 update looming […]
Siege Machines introduced in Clash of Clans. TH10 and above can use… - Supercell announced the following in their June 2018 update: The release of Town Hall 12 brings a weaponized Town Hall, new building levels, balance changes, and more content yet to be revealed. However, one of the most exciting features being introduced to Clash of Clans is the SIEGE MACHINES! What are Siege Machines? Siege Machines […]
Town Hall 12 Update Preview – New Building levels for TH12 - Supercell has supplied another sneak peek for the upcoming June 2018 Clash of Clans update. They also released a pic of the new Siege Workshop. It appears you will be able to choose between a ground and air workshop. Here are the new level ceiling for your defenses once you upgrade to Town Hall 12, […]
Clash of Clans: Balance update June 2018 - Supercell have announced some major balance tweaks for the June 2018 update. Check them out. Economy: Wall Ring: The price of Wall Ring has been reduced from 200 Gems to 100 Gems per Ring. The number of Rings required for each Wall upgrade has been reduced and now covers up to 1M of required resources. […]
Supercell reveals details of June 2018 Clash of Clans update - Reddit kindly summarised an interview with Supercell about the new June 2018 Clash of Clans update. Date of update is aimed for mid-June currently (end of events maybe?) but could be pushed later if bugs arise No new spells On troops – “Some unconventional sneak peeks will be coming up with something brand new that […]
Town Hall 12 – features five new levels - Today, Supercell announced a new Town Hall 12 for Clash of Clans. In addition to adding the Giga Tesla to defend the Town Hall. It adds five new designs. The Giga Tesla when upgraded will upgrade the Town Hall design. Here they are… Level 1 Level 2     Level 3   Level 4   […]


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34 thoughts on “Welcome to Clash Today

  1. Increase the battle time
    The difference between loot bonus in gold 1 and crystal 3 league is very high so reduce it
    I like the coc very much
    I fully ebjoy it
    keep this more and more interesting


  2. clash of clan is best games many people play him but I want a new troops from drak barak blower nxt any power full troops come the is more interesting the game


  3. Hey guys i play coc and im a th8. I have made a new clan and i need some loyal and active members who are serious about coc. It would be great if u join. Clan name: Lone Wolf™
    Tag: #GR9Q22PG
    Join up 😄✌


  4. Himanshu Sahoo:
    Make one thing….
    In the top of every heroes give space to write our hero name…for example my name is pappu so i can write pappu on the top of my KING and in other heros too..plzz make this ppl will like so much
    Clash Today:
    Hi Himanshu, Welcome to Clash Today. Great idea! Don’t forget to check out our website https://­­welcome-to-clash-toda­y/ If you are looking for some tips just use the search bar on the site.
    Himanshu Sahoo:I copy it from my fb.
    Plzz make this i think people like so much..


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