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Welcome to Clash Today

Welcome to Clash Today, a website dedicated to keeping you up to date with the Clash Today Alliance and Clash of Clans news.

Just use the search bar if you’re looking for something specific.

Here are our last 10 posts, we hope you enjoy the site.

Welcome Pinoy Digmaan - The Clash Today Alliance welcomes Pinoy Digmaan to the Clash Today Alliance family. This extends the Alliance membership to six clans. Pinoy Digmaan are currently competing in the MLCW AQL and the Gauntlet leagues. Pinoy Digmaan are an extremely strong war clan, always seeking the best Pinoy hitters to join them. If you want to […]
Supercell owner Tencent fighting cheating and rewarding good behaviour with social score system - Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmad reports that Tencent now has a social credit score system for gamers in China that play Tencent published games. Regular play, earning items and reporting cheaters will increase a user’s credit score. Stuff like cheating will decrease a users credit score. Wouldn’t it be great for Clash of Clans to introduce this, […]
Clan Feature: Bounty Hunters - Clash Today takes a look at Bounty Hunters a founding clan in the Clash Today Alliance. This is an international clan with english the required language. There are members from various countries in North America, Europe and Asia. The leader is Akash from India. Bounty Hunters are a level 12 clan and generally range between […]
Clan War tools added to Clash of Clans - Supercell have added a neat feature in Clash Wars Anniversary Update. War Tools: Got an experienced War General your Clan relies on to dictate which bases to attack? Or perhaps you have a new recruit who could use some guidance during Clan Wars? The Clan War Tools are a new feature that allows you to […]
WE 3 MLCW Season 6 Schedule announced - The WE 3 schedule for MLCW Season 6 announced. If you’re looking for league action come and join WE 3. We are looking for max or nearly max TH9-TH11. You can also check out one of these Clash Today Alliance clans for other league wars.  
Registration for WCL light weight division is now open - The Warriors Championship League have opened up registrations for light weight division, the breakdown is: 1 Th11 5 Th10 14 Th9 The Warrior Championship league (WCL) is an international Clan War League for skilled Warriors interested in competing at a higher level in Clash of Clans. WCL is a league of friendly wars. Clans accepted into […]
CLASH ROYALE LEAGUE OWNERS & TEAMS TALK THE POTENTIAL OF MOBILE ESPORTS - Newsweek exams in detail Supercell’s plan for a Pro Clash Royale eSports league… Clash Royale has dominated charts since the mobile game first released in 2016, and now its creators at Supercell aim to take its deck-building PvP appeal to new heights with the Clash Royale League. Announced earlier this month, dozens of pro teams […]
Supercell recruits 36 pro esports teams for Clash Royale League - This is great news for lovers of Clash Royale and what did Clash of Clans get… Builder Base. Tragic. Here is Venture Beats report.. Supercell has recruited 36 pro esports organizations to field teams for its new Clash Royale League, which will crown the world’s top Clash Royale players in a series of tournaments with a […]
Clash of Clans at #10 - It appears that Clash of Clans decline continues, it’s just holding on to the Top 10 Mobile games ranking. Supercell introduced Builder Base to halt this decline. A shame they didn’t spend this time and effort enhancing the game for the reason we all play Clash of Clans.      
WE 3 selected in AQL division 1 -   WE 3 is pleased to announce that we will be competing in Season 6 of the MLCW. We will be tested fully as we will be up against B3astmod3 the competition’s hot favourite. We are looking for streamers, if you are an experienced streamer, get in touch… It’s also not too late to join […]


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34 thoughts on “Welcome to Clash Today

  1. Increase the battle time
    The difference between loot bonus in gold 1 and crystal 3 league is very high so reduce it
    I like the coc very much
    I fully ebjoy it
    keep this more and more interesting


  2. clash of clan is best games many people play him but I want a new troops from drak barak blower nxt any power full troops come the is more interesting the game


  3. Hey guys i play coc and im a th8. I have made a new clan and i need some loyal and active members who are serious about coc. It would be great if u join. Clan name: Lone Wolf™
    Tag: #GR9Q22PG
    Join up 😄✌


  4. Himanshu Sahoo:
    Make one thing….
    In the top of every heroes give space to write our hero name…for example my name is pappu so i can write pappu on the top of my KING and in other heros too..plzz make this ppl will like so much
    Clash Today:
    Hi Himanshu, Welcome to Clash Today. Great idea! Don’t forget to check out our website https://­­welcome-to-clash-toda­y/ If you are looking for some tips just use the search bar on the site.
    Himanshu Sahoo:I copy it from my fb.
    Plzz make this i think people like so much..


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