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Welcome to Clash Today, a website dedicated to keeping you up to date with all things Clash of Clans. We pride ourselves in providing great Clash of Clans content.

Just use the search bar if you’re looking for something specific.

Here are our last 10 posts, we hope you enjoy the site.

Drag arch Watch out! You are about to be attacked by a Dragon - You are probably aware that the Clash of Clans Dragon event starts tomorrow. That means very cheap Dragons and possibly a faster cook time. All this translates into your base being regularly mass Dragon attacked. This is great when you are attacking, but what about defence, what should you do? Defensive Tips For the duration of this […]
14641992_353838428283721_8508019659227751012_n January Clash of Clans update expected to be big - The December/Christmas update is now a distant memory, the feedback we have received at Clash Today has been largely very positive. The only major dislike being the new Giant AI, many are pining for our old friendly Giant’s return. So, what’s next… We are still awaiting the introduction of the Shipwreck update. We are expecting […]
img_1209 Clash of Clans mobile game ‘blocked’ in Iran - Surprising news is emerging from Iran, where officials have reportedly banned Clash of Clash within the country. A government committee called for restrictions citing a report from psychologists, who said it encouraged violence and tribal conflict. It alleges that the game could also negatively affect family life if teenagers got addicted to the game. There is […]
img_1191 Why three Simpsons writers created a Clash of Clans animated series - The Verge has interviewed the creators of Clash-A-Rama and describes their motives behind creating the Clash related animated series… Not long after Clash of Clans launched, Rob LaZebnik’s then 12-year-old son introduced him to the mobile strategy game. LaZebnik, a writer and producer on The Simpsons since 1999, was hooked almost instantly. Like the flu, […]
img_1247 Clashmas CoC leak, watch them in action - Are you wondering what Clashmas will deliver? Wonder no more, take a look at this video. We think the first Clashmas gift will be the Santa Surprise. The second is the freeze trap and the third the Ice Wizard. This sounds great but will only be available for Christmas, such as a shame. Bit hopefully […]
img_1252 More CoC leaks – Ice Wizard coming soon - Folks at Reddit claim to have found more images of new CoC updates. They’ve been right before, so although still only a rumour, this is credible. These leaks include an Ice Wizard, Santa Spell and what appears to be a freeze spell trap. Here are the images… What do you guys think?
blog_winter Clash of Clans: December 2016 Balancing & Update News - Supercell has revealed further Sneak Peeks. December 2016 Balancing & Update News The Clash of Clans team approaches game balance by looking at attack stats and playtesting gameplay changes. As outlined by our design values, regular balancing updates help keep the game fun and interesting! In this gameplay update, we’re bolstering and distinguishing Town Hall […]
img_1158 Supercell Sneak Peeks begin: Troop makeover - Supercell has started releasing their December Sneak Peeks. The first is a troop makeover. A few substantial changes and others just a subtle change. Do you like them? It also appears that the 2016 Christmas Tree looks like this: On Friday we are expecting further update news & balance changes.
Homepage_A_Friendly_Challenge Player tags brings Player Tournaments within reach - Who wants to see Player Tourneys? In the October update, one neat feature added was the Player Tag ID. At present this is used to enhance the social element within the game. Helping us keep in contact with friends and old clan mates. Great stuff. However, player tags could offer much more. Having access to a […]
img_1211 Join the Clash Today TH9 Elite Clan Tourney - Clash Today is looking to hold its first TH9 Elite Clan Tourney. This will take place this Saturday and Sunday, between 17-18 December. Sign Up Procedure There are two simple steps to join the Clash Today TH9 Tourney. 1 – Join the Clash Today TH9 Tourney group. Join here – If you don’t join this group, […]


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32 thoughts on “Welcome to Clash Today

  1. Increase the battle time
    The difference between loot bonus in gold 1 and crystal 3 league is very high so reduce it
    I like the coc very much
    I fully ebjoy it
    keep this more and more interesting


  2. clash of clan is best games many people play him but I want a new troops from drak barak blower nxt any power full troops come the is more interesting the game


  3. Hey guys i play coc and im a th8. I have made a new clan and i need some loyal and active members who are serious about coc. It would be great if u join. Clan name: Lone Wolf™
    Tag: #GR9Q22PG
    Join up 😄✌


  4. Himanshu Sahoo:
    Make one thing….
    In the top of every heroes give space to write our hero name…for example my name is pappu so i can write pappu on the top of my KING and in other heros too..plzz make this ppl will like so much
    Clash Today:
    Hi Himanshu, Welcome to Clash Today. Great idea! Don’t forget to check out our website https://­­welcome-to-clash-toda­y/ If you are looking for some tips just use the search bar on the site.
    Himanshu Sahoo:I copy it from my fb.
    Plzz make this i think people like so much..


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