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TH9 Single Player Championship – Sign Up

Clash Today is hosting a TH9 Single Player Championship. This will be an ongoing series of mini tournaments.

Initially the Championship will be for the strongest TH9, if this format proves popular, we will consider another division for lower level heroes.

If there are sufficient numbers of suitably strong players, we will split the Championship into conferences based on your country or possibly state/region.

TH9 Single Player Championship – RULES

Dates and tournament structure will be shared later. The following application form is to gauge the interest and to judge the quality of competitors.

To enter this tournament, ALL of the application form must be completed. You will need your player tag#! If the information is not accurate or complete, it will be ignored.

It is recommended that all interested in this championship joins the following Clash Today group – this is where all the rules, tournament schedules etc will be posted.

[Applications are now closed]

We are reviewing the applications and will provide a tournament structure update soon.

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