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The following are useful links, if you are unfamiliar with them, take a look and explore.

Forums & Blogs

Official Supercell Forums: This is the official Clash of Clans forum.

Facebook – Clash of Clans: This is the official Clash of Clans Facebook page

Reddit – Clash of Clans: This is the official Clash of Clans Reddit page

Clan Web Tools

Clash of Clan Builder: Explore user generated bases, build your own design before testing in game.

Clash Layouts: Offers various bases with various screenshots and video of the build

Clash of Clans Tools: This has a base builder and user generated bases.

Clash.Tools: This is a web application featuring tools such as Clash Caller and Clash of Clans War Planner and combines them to help manage clan wars.

Clan Stats

Clash of Stats: Measure up how your win streak compares to the rest of your country/global. How about total wins, what rank are you in your country/global. These stats and more.

Cocstats: Explore your clan members donations and donation ratio’s. Are your clans members average donations, more than your average elders donations?

Wiki & Information

Wikia – Clash of Clans: This is the site if you want to know how much a level 6 archer costs or when your able to upgrade to level 2 hounds.


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