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Clash Today help and Support page

Do you need help? Check out the most frequently asked questions.

If you can’t find an answer, try leaving a message in the comments section.

If it’s urgent you should contact Supercell. We will do our best to help, if not we will refer you to those that can.

How to recover a lost village

I connected to Google Play / Game Centre but my village isn’t loading

I can’t remember my Google account and password

I can’t connect to Facebook!

How to contact Supercell

Supercell Fraud Issues

Managing accounts on different devices

How to save and transfer your Clash of Clans village safely



6 thoughts on “Clash Today help and Support page

  1. Hi gyus!thank u so much for creating this game!i meet so different and good ppl!i need ur help!our leader was kicked!!!we understood,that he was banned for using mode,that he havent!!!!we r against such cheatings!!!he dont even know what is that!!!is there a possobility off mistake!?!?!we need him!!!!im two years with my clan!Pleeeease!!!bring him to us!!!!


  2. Hi good morning ! My currently gmail account that has been saved to my coc account has been hacked 😭😭 I can’t reset the password of my gmail because someone else changed my password hope you can help me please 😢


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