The Gauntlet league, is an introductory Clash of Clans league for up-and-coming clans, and feeder/development clans. It is suitable for clans wishing to dip their toes in the league war scene.

Season 2 is now open for registration. Season 1 was very enjoyable and successful for Clash Today Alliance clans.

Bounty Hunters reached the final of the No Dip league, just narrowly losing out.

Pinoy Digmaan reached the Play Offs of the Dip League.

Clash Today Alliance clans will be represented again and hope to compete and lift a trophy this time.


The Gauntlet currently has 6 divisions.

No Dip Division:

BD is 2/6/17 (TH11-9) – 25v25

Want to see some 11v11 attacks? Sick of hitting 10v11? This is the division for you!

Dip Division:

BD is 2/6/17s (TH11-9) – 25v25

Similar leagues are CWL and MLCW. Clans that excel here may be chosen by those leagues in the next season.

Light Division:

BD is 3/12/5 (TH10-8) – 20v20

Love tough wars, but don’t run the big heavy breakdowns? Look no further!

Gauntlet Mini Division:

BD is 10/5 (TH9-8) – 15v15

Don’t have enough man power for Light? Try Mini breakdown.

Gauntlet Heavy Speed Division:

BD is 2/3/5 (TH12-10) – 10v10

Already have a shiny new TH12? Test it out in small controlled speed wars!

Gauntlet Speed Division:

BD is 1/2/2 – 5v5

Do you love small quick wars? In this division, wars are only 1 hour prep, 3 hour battles, which makes for terrific action-packed wars that will excite both sides.

You can join the Gauntlet League by applying via Discord – HERE