Reddit kindly summarised an interview with Supercell about the new June 2018 Clash of Clans update.

  • Date of update is aimed for mid-June currently (end of events maybe?) but could be pushed later if bugs arise
  • No new spells
  • On troops – “Some unconventional sneak peeks will be coming up with something brand new that will radically change the meta” – So I think new troop(s?) are very likely
  • Giga Tesla will be the major building of TH12
  • They don’t want the map to be filled up, so attacks aren’t always >3 minutes, hence using TH as the major defense
  • Giga Tesla can be upgraded 5 times, first 4 for 1 additional target (from 1 target at level one to 4 targets at level 4), final level will unlock a bomb and self-destruct that will released when TH is destroyed
  • TH levels will be called “stars” – eg. a 4 star TH
  • Self-Destruction of TH is implied to be quite destructive, making 3 stars difficult
  • No larger map
  • No longer attack time
  • NOT bringing back the blue walls, “but they do heavily inspire some of the upgrades of the TH12 content”
  • There is an electricity theme
  • There will be new walls, only some of them will be upgradable however, similar to how level 11 walls were
  • There will be A LOT QoL changes, of which will show they have been listening to the community
  • No fix to the clouds this update, although it will be addressed in later updates in 2018.
  • Majority of update content is for TH11’s and TH12, the maxed players
  • Will be some features that lower TH levels can take advantage of
  • Wouldn’t confirm or deny a second name change will be coming
  • Many sneak peeks coming up soon

You can read the original on Reddit HERE.

You can watch the whole interview HERE