Clash Today takes a look at Welsh Dragons, who were the fourth clan to join the Clash Today Alliance.

FA0F5370-80A9-4D3A-ADEB-5004ED51B32BAs the name suggests Welsh Dragons originates in Wales but is open to all who speak English. There are as you would expect a few members from Wales but also experienced clashers from India and the Lebanon. The leader is Fusebox.

Welsh Dragons is a level 11 clan with 34 active members, they are looking to recruit a few more war mad TH9-TH11 to keep membership above 40. The requirements are that you must be active, enjoy clan wars and be non rushed.



Welsh Dragons are now looking to enter league wars, seeking to compete in the Gladiator Champs League. If you have thought about joining a league war clan but have always been a little nervous, Welsh Dragons will be the perfect you!