Supercell confirm that a Spring Clash of Clans update is due to be released soon. The actual date remains a mystery, the update thankfully focusses on the main base.

Supercell are also looking to release a further 2-3 updates this year, let us hope none of these are focussed towards the Builder Base.

…..I will leave you with this little tidbit. This next update isn’t the last big update for the year. We might (and I have to really emphasize the ‘might’ part) have 2 to 3 more major updates coming after this next one, depending on how much we can get done. I don’t want to spoil or jinx it in any way so I have to keep it vague and I apologize for that. We want the excitement to be focused on what’s coming next, and not take away from what’s coming further down the road. But I can at least say it’s all Main Village stuff we’re working on.