Clash News Hub announced the arrival of a new league, the Gladiator Champs League.

GCL is described by Clash News Hub as a stress free war league, which will appeal to many as there is no roster submission. You literally match the breakdown and bring your best.

It will be a round robin draw, so all the clans will play each other once. Top 4 going into semis, winners go to finals and battle it out.

There are three Divisions (TH11/TH10/TH9/TH8/TH7)

Knights Division: 0/3/6/3/3
Warriors Division: 0/5/7/3
Cavaliers Division: 2/5/8

As with other leagues you are allowed to negotiate a war breakdown with your opponent.

You can read more about the GCL HERE.

Sign ups will close on the 5th of June, the league will start on the 11th of June.

Prizes are a type up in the CNH newsletter, clan spotlight on the CNH server, your clan gets its own channel and more might be added.

Sign up for the league HERE.