Supercell CEO Ilkka Paananen was recently interviewed by Games Beat about trusting his developers…

GamesBeat: For something like that, do you still do it on your own, or do you talk to Tencent and get feedback from them?

Paananen: We do it pretty much on our own. We work very independently. What makes our investment process special is that ultimately the investment decisions are made by our own game developers. We don’t have bankers making those decisions. We trust the game developers’ instincts, because ultimately we’re investing in teams and people. We don’t invest in products.

GamesBeat: Does this reduce any pressure to expand Supercell itself?

Paananen: Yeah, yeah, in terms of headcount.

GamesBeat: Is it hard to resist that?

Paananen: It’s one of the specific topics that I talked about. The interesting thing about our culture and everything I talk about, it gets harder to maintain the more successful you become. I use an analogy about how all of this traditional approach, by which I mean top-down management and rules and processes, it’s almost this gravity. You get pulled toward it all the time. You need to fight back every day so that doesn’t happen.

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