There are many Clash of Clans leagues, most if not all are aimed at high-end war clans. This is a shame as Supercell has so far refused to introduce tournaments in-game to the dismay of many lower level clans also wishing to experience clan tournaments.

Supercell recently said they were still considering introducing league tournaments in-game. Don’t hold your breath, it appears they are still devoting most of their scarce resources towards the White Elephant, you may know as Builder Base.

Three tournaments lead the way in Clash of Clans, they are the CWL, MLCW and NDL.

CWL – Champions War League

MLCW – Miner League Clan Wars

NDL – No Dip League

This guide will provide all you need to know about the MLCW.

Participation in MLCW

If your clan wants to participate in MLCW then you have to register during the official sign-up periods before the start of a season. If you missed out or your clan was rejected you can still join our trial league and try again in the following season.

When applying your clan will need to provide a full roster so that the organisers can judge your strength and suitability.

There are a number of Divisions within the MLCW, this caters for a variety of default Breakdown in war. The choices are (BD: TH11/TH10/TH9):

Grand Warden (4/10/16)

Archer Queen (3/8/14)

Barbarian King (2/6/12)

Battle Machine (0/4/11)

Mid Week League – This is a no dip league

Some of these leagues are broken down even further. The Archer Queen League 2 had these clans in season 5:


Website and Rules

Before applying to MLCW or if you need clarification on any rule related topic you can check out the rules here:





All MLCW matches are tracked on Warmatch. This allows you not only to follow the standings properly, you can also follow matches live there!


MLCW Welcome Pack for beginners

Applications for Season 6 is closed, but the MLCW also runs a trial league. This league is for new clans to dip their toe in the water to experience league wars and the clan resources required to make a success.

If you have read this far, you should join the MLCW server on Discord –

If you want to join tournaments on a personal level, come and join the Clash Today Alliance of clans. We participate in the MLCW and other leagues. Join us on Discord –