Tencent is the owner of Clash of Clans maker Supercell and a gaming giant, especially in china where it is dominant. Venturebeat claims that Tencent is the largest gaming company in the world. Tencent, in addition to owning the majority of Supercell also owns League of Legends developer Riot Games and has stakes in Activision Blizzard and Epic Games.

It appears that Tencent will rebrand its ‘Tencent Games Platform’ to ‘WeGame’. WeGame is Tencent’s Steam equivalent, providing a platform for gamers.

Valve’s Steam store is believed to have more than 125 million registered accounts. Tencent Games Platform has 200 million users in China. Its new global outlook can only help it expand its customer base further. Tencent has deep, very deep pockets and will be a serious Steam competitor.

Will that mean more exposure for Supercell’s titles? We think so, it’s surely in Tencent’s commercial interest to promote its titles on WeGame, ensuring a steady stream of newbies and maybe nudging others to give Clash of Clans another try.

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