All Clash of Clans fans have been eagerly awaiting the Spring 2017 update. The rumours partly emanating from Supercell HQ claim it will be massive. Many are expecting a new game mode, let’s hope this time, all this hype is warranted and realised.

Supercell has released some teasers about this new update, these teasers hint at connections with Ships and Shipwrecks. They have ‘leaked’ pictures of many ship related images but have remained silent of its potential relevance.

This could be a deliberate ploy to divert attention away from this new game mode or maybe the shipwreck has some merit? The truth, we simply don’t know.

What we do know is that Shipyard Games has just raised $2.9 million from Supercell. This is the second time in six months that Supercell has invested in another game developer. In September, Supercell acquired 51 percent of Badland game developer Frogmind for $7.8 million.

Shipyard Games, Frogmond, Shipwrecks…. Clash Today would simply like to host Clash of Clans tournaments in-game. Clash of Clans is about Clans fighting each other, come on Supercell make this happen!

Read more about Shipyard Games investment:

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