Clashers on the Supercell Forums and Reddit recently had the opportunity to question the CoC Development team.

Supercell seem a bit defensive with a little sense of optimism or enthusiasm in their responses. The exception being they are currently focussed on pumping out a super awesome update, anyone for a shipwreck?

It’s unfortunate that Supercell seems to view this Q&A session as a distraction instead of using it to meaningfully engage with their customers.

Here they are the questions and answers.

Is there any chance of including something like the Clan Chests in Clash Royale?

What are your long term plans for events?

Take a look at our previous answer in regards to events;

We’ll be doing all the single troop/spell events for now. We talked about more “complex” events and even troop combinations for sure, hopefully it’s something we can explore in the near future. Would love to see how those would be received and used by the community.

At this point a “Clan Chest”-like feature is not planned but we surely talked about the possibility of running an event with similar mechanics (to some extent). Not something that we are currently developing at the moment though – as we are totally focused on pumping out a super awesome update.

Will you consider adding an option to copy a base?

It’s something we have talked about in the past, but it’s just not on our radar at the moment. Of course we will revisit the idea down the track – but we don’t commit to things that may not come to be.

Will anything be done (possibly in the near future) to bring down Hero regeneration time to make them compatible with how long it takes to cook an average army?

As you may remember, we reduced Heroes’ regeneration time by quite a bit back in May 2016. Training times feel overall much better and in sync to us, and at the moment there are no plans to proceed with further reductions in regeneration times.

Does Supercell see lopsided bases as a fair and equitable playing style?

“Engineering” is a heated topic and opinions about it are divided.

Are lopsided bases anything we can prevent? If we could, should we do drastic changes? Would players put up with strict restrictions on upgrades to mandate offense-defense balance?

Say we put in a restriction, could the restrictions be balanced to be somewhat more lenient? Where would we draw the line? And if this is a complex line, would we need tools to help players manage their upgrades and understand their restrictions better?

Some cases cannot be prevented even with restrictions. For instance, thinking about launching a new troop, spell, defense or extra buildings at lower Town Hall levels. Doing balancing becomes more difficult, as any bigger rebalance could allow people to break the restrictions.

Without a restriction, what can we do? Keep in mind that we are already doing a lot. As mentioned in the previous Dev Q&A, there is a huge amount of code behind the CW matchmaking that specifically looks for lopsided bases and is designed to mitigate any unfair advantage they might have. This isn’t always obvious to players, because the war map is sorted by defense strength only. However, attack strength is ALWAYS taken into account, and CW matchmaking does all it can to make sure the “books are balanced” overall from top to bottom of a war map, both in terms of attack and defense strength. Of course we can always do better and we will continue to improve this matchmaking very often.

We can’t really prevent them without making extremely complex restrictions that will adversely impact some players and that would require a lot of time and development effort to do right – and even then they might not even work that well in the long term. Instead, we try to improve our matchmaking algorithms to reduce unfair advantages from things like lopsided bases, and we will continue to do so regularly!

The original can be found HERE.

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