The Mirror reports that Katie Pybus, a mum from England insists her three children Sapphire, Etienne and Orin – who have never learnt the alphabet and will never sit an exam – are learning all they need from cyberspace.

School is one big game for the Pybus kids, who spend seven hours a day at home playing on consoles instead of sitting in a classroom. They

And their 44-year-old mum, Katie, thinks they will be better educated ­entertaining themselves in cyberspace than if she taught them to read, write and count like other home schooling parents.

Instead of school, their time is spent on Minecraft, Clash of Clans, Sims and Pokemon Go on the family’s two Playstation 4 consoles, four PCs, five tablets and one Wii.

Katie and husband Roger, also 44, who works for an engineering firm, have had to upgrade to a super strength broadband server to cope with the kids’ “workload”.

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