NFL ratings were down all season, and there’s no reason to think they’ll get better next year. Football was down 9 percent during the regular season and 6 percent during the playoffs.

A Recode report highlights the dwindling numbers watching TV and suggests that Snapchat, Facebook and Clash of Clans are the reason.

“Sure, this could be a temporary blip, and NFL ratings could come back next year. But there’s really no reason to think that.

It’s much more logical to assume that NFL ratings, like all other TV ratings, are under pressure because audiences have many more choices — Snapchat, Facebook, Clash of Clans etc. — and they are using those choices.

The argument that live events, or live sports, or the NFL, are immune to that pressure seems like wishful thinking from industries that have bet many billions on that theory being true.

But! That doesn’t mean NFL games aren’t incredibly valuable to TV networks — in part because of the pressure on overall ratings. Even a weakened NFL dominates TV ratings, so if you want to reach a truly mass audience, NFL games are still the go-to choice for advertisers.

And when the next big NFL TV contracts start rolling over in 2021 and 2022, you will certainly see bidding from big digital players like Amazon and Google/Alphabet, who will want a piece of that audience themselves.”

Check HERE for the full report.

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