The cost of gems in the UK has just increased by 25%, many are blaming this on the Brexit effect. Many are blaming it on Apple, who first increased their app store prices. Supercell are silent. However, we are hearing that other countries gem prices have also increased.

We understand that currency fluctuations, will from time to time require balancing. It’s only fair that some countries pay more than others.

With currency exchanges, it’s a balancing act, one goes up others come down.

Are you paying more for gems?

When your currency strengthened, did the gem price for you decrease?

We have never heard of the gem price decreasing, have they?

EDIT: It appears that the India Rupee has also changed, the price has increased by a third. This is despite the Indian Rupee being stronger against the Euro than it was 12 months ago and almost an identical in price against the USD 12 months ago.

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