You are probably aware that the Clash of Clans Dragon event starts tomorrow. That means very cheap Dragons and possibly a faster cook time.

All this translates into your base being regularly mass Dragon attacked.


This is great when you are attacking, but what about defence, what should you do?

Defensive Tips

For the duration of this event. Try not to upgrade you Air Defences or other defences that can target air, you’ll need them all. Stick to upgrading the Cannon, Bomb Tower and other ground focused traps or buildings.

Make sure your Skeleton Traps and Xbows are pointing up.

Consider CC troops that defend against Dragons, another Dragon is probably one of the best for this. It can cause splash damage against closely packed Drags.

Place your Air Defences towards the centre of the base, but not closely bunched so that one rage can help destroy them. Make sure they are not easily destroyed at the edge of you base. Air Defences are your best friend against mass drag attacks.

Attacking Tips

If you need a quick refresher, check this comprehensive Dragon attack guide:

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