The December/Christmas update is now a distant memory, the feedback we have received at Clash Today has been largely very positive. The only major dislike being the new Giant AI, many are pining for our old friendly Giant’s return.

So, what’s next…

We are still awaiting the introduction of the Shipwreck update. We are expecting a big Clash of Clans update in January and we believe this relates to a new game mode. Possibly some form of basic Quest and likely connected to the shipwreck.

None of this is confirmed by Supercell, however our prediction track record is decent, check out our November 19 post –

We are also still expecting the introduction of new clan perks, these will be cosmetic improvements only, i.e. the ability to customise flags, badges etc. rather than perks increasing the clans war capability.

Do you know what’s coming in the next update?

What would you like to see?

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