The Verge has interviewed the creators of Clash-A-Rama and describes their motives behind creating the Clash related animated series…

Not long after Clash of Clans launched, Rob LaZebnik’s then 12-year-old son introduced him to the mobile strategy game. LaZebnik, a writer and producer on The Simpsons since 1999, was hooked almost instantly. Like the flu, the game spread amongst the show’s writers, and like the flu, it crated work responsibilities. The staff formed a Simpsons clan in the game, and regularly sent each other messages during the workday to initiate battles. It almost became an obsession — one that may have impacted their day job. “I’d say any bad joke that’s been on The Simpsons for the last four or five years,” says writer Joel Cohen, “you can attribute to Clash.”

Eventually LaZebnik, Cohen, and fellow longtime Simpsons writer John Frink took on a new side project to turn their obsession into something more productive. Inspired by the game’s cartoonish fantasy world, the trio set to work doing what they do best. They devised characters based on Clash units like the barbarian and archer, and created new situations to put them in. The writers pitched the idea to Supercell, the Finnish studio behind the game, and the result is Clash-a-Rama, an ongoing series on YouTube that turns the world of Clash of Clans and its follow up Clash Royale into an animated show.

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