Who wants to see Player Tourneys?

In the October update, one neat feature added was the Player Tag ID. At present this is used to enhance the social element within the game. Helping us keep in contact with friends and old clan mates. Great stuff.

However, player tags could offer much more. Having access to a player tag, could enable a friendly challenge outside of your clan. Surely, this is a reasonably trivial next step. Many have friends in other clans and would love an opportunity to attack their bases.

Next Step – Player Tourney

However, player tags also provides an obvious opportunity to arrange Player Tournaments. At present the only way to organise a Tourney is for a player to leave a clan and join a clan where they will be able to challenge each other.


This provides a tourney with 50 max players or you could use more clans to offer spaces. Alternatively, you could ask players join and then leave this clan to provide space. It’s all very cumbersome and relies too heavily on all following processes precisely, in reality in doesn’t work very well.

With the introduction of a player tag, introducing player tourneys could become far simpler.  There will no need requirement to leave and join a clan. You could just challenge your opponent, there should be a timer associated with this challenge, should the challenge be refused or ignored then victory goes to the challenger.

You would then just need a screen to record these challenges in a bracket and player tourneys are initiated. Come on Supercell, make it work!

What do you guys think?

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