Clash Today is looking to hold its first TH9 Elite Clan Tourney. This will take place this Saturday and Sunday, between 17-18 December.

Sign Up Procedure

There are two simple steps to join the Clash Today TH9 Tourney.

1 – Join the Clash Today TH9 Tourney group.

Join here –

If you don’t join this group, you will not enter the tourney. When you join the group, register your interest by providing your clan name and clan tag.

You must join this group as this is where you arrange your match ups, agree start times and post the results of your wars.

2 – Read the rules.

These are attached to this post or you can read them in the TH9 Tourney group page. If you have any queries, please just shout up in the group.


Please read and ensure you are familiar.

  1. The cut-off date for Tourney entry is Thursday night.
  1. Please remember, you can-not be in war and a Clan Tourney at the same time. Please ensure the clan is available for the Tourney.
  1. Ensure you have enabled the Clan Challenge function
  1. The Tourney will start on Saturday morning at 0000 GMT and finish on Sunday evening at 1800 GMT. To view GMT in your time zone, try HERE.
  1. This is a 10 v 10 war. The max TH permitted is a TH9. No exceptions! If a clan wars with a TH10/TH11 they will immediately forfeit that war. A repeat infringement will mean immediate disqualification.
  1. If your opponent uses a TH10/11, please screen shoot the base and post it in the results. You will be awarded the victory.
  1. Your clan can provide Clan Castle troops at any level.
  1. This is a league format, not a knock out competition.
  1. There will be two leagues of 5 clans. On day 1, all clans within each league will war against each other. That’s a total of 4 wars.
  1. The top 2 clans in each league will proceed to a Play Off on Day 2. The winner of each league will play the runner-up in the other group.
  1. A list of clans and clan tags will be provided on Friday.
  1. Visit the Clash Today TH9 Tourney group to arrange your war matchup, you will also post the results there too.
  1. The Tourney group stage will have a 1 hour prep and 1 hour wars.
  1. The Play Offs (Semi Final and Final) will have 1 hour prep and 4 hour wars.
  1. Any inactive clans will be excluded from future tourneys.
  1. The top 4 clans will be decided by the most victories. Should there be a tie, it will be decided by:
  • winner of head to head during the tourney
  • Total war stars won at the League stage
  • Least war stars conceded during the league stage
  • Clash Today will have the final decision on who enters the Play Off

During the Play Off stage, in the event of a tie, the following criteria will apply:

  • the lowest average duration of attacks
  • the highest average war stars per attack
  • the team reaching the total stars first i.e. in 30-30 tie, the first clan to reach 30 stars

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