The following was created and shared by Md Armughanuddin. The first part describes the basics of GoHo and at the end there is a short video demonstrating GoHo attacks. Take a look!

Attacking with GoHo in TH 9

Hello Guys, welcome to Clash Today and today we are going to discuss the basic strategy while attacking with GoHo in TH 9. While Goho is the most popular strategy in TH 8/9 it got stronger after the recent update which removed the 1.5x damage to hog riders from giant bombs. After the update level 5 hog riders can easily survive a level 3 double giant bomb.


The army varies from base to base but you should definitely stick to 2 Golems unless the base has centralised Xbows with too many compartments. This is the army I like to use:

Troop                               Count

  1. Golem                     1x (Min. Level 2)
  2. Wiz                          10x (Min. Level 5)
  3. Wall Breakers      4x-6x (Min. Level 5)
  4. Hogs                        26x (Min. Level 5)
  5. Barbarians             5x
  6. Archers                   3x

Spells                               Count

  1. Heal Spells             3x (Min. Level 5)
  2. Jump Spell              1x (Min. Level 2)
  3. Skeleton Spell       1x

Clan Castle

  1. Golem                       x1 (Min. Level 4)
  2. Poison Spell            x1 (Min. Level 3)

Attack Strategy

While attacking with GoHo your basic strategy should be taking down both the heroes with your kill squad ( Golem, wizards and heroes). If you can’t get both heroes down with your kill squad then you should always go for the queen first since the queen is a very big threat to your hogs.

If the is lurable you should just lure it, take it to one corner drop poison spell and use barbarians to distract the troops and wizards to kill it. If you can’t lure it just drop your golems and proceed with your attack.

Drop your two golem spread apart and use wizards to create a funnel for your heroes. Then you should drop your wall breakers so that the golems go inside the base followed by your heroes.

Use jump spells to direct the golems to the core of the base.

Once the queen is down you should start dropping your hogs and use heal spells when they are low on HP and on possible double bomb locations since hogs are left with very small HP after getting hit by double bombs.

Always keep 2-3 wizards and 2-3 archers for cleaning up and for destroying some corner buildings since hog attacks sometimes fall short of time.

You can also use the skeleton spell for cleanup.

If you couldn’t get both heroes down with your kill squad then you should drop skeleton spell on the king while the hogs are near it to distract him.

Attacking bases with centralised heroes


While attacking bases with centralised bases, I always recommend taking in 2-3 valks to help reach the core faster and help in killing the heroes.

This base for instance is a normal base with centralised heroes. We drop golems from the top side and use wall breakers to get inside.

We use jump spells so that the kill squad reaches the centre and take out the heroes. Valks are very effective in taking out heroes.

Attacking bases with multiple possible double bomb locations

While attacking bases with multiple possible double bomb locations always switch to surgical hogs, i.e. , split the hogs into small group of 5 each.

While deploying surgical hogs you should drop a giant in front so that the defences target the giants and then you should deploy your hogs. That way the hogs take out defences with taking in almost no damage.


Base with multiple possible double bomb locations


Surgical hog deployment with giants

I hope you liked my short tutorial. Take a look at the video, which shows this tutorial in action!

Please feel free to drop any suggestions in the comments sections. Stay tuned for more!

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