Supercell has added a new builder to Boom Beach and introduced a new payment model. The question is, will this be replicated in Clash of Clans?

In Boom Beach you can now hire an additional builder for US$2.99 a month. After one month, the builder goes up in smoke, unless you hire his services again.


Boom Beach only permits one builder, the extra builder works on the same building so a big advantage is achieved.

One of the biggest moans in Clash of Clans, is insufficient Builders with many building upgrades taking too long. Naturally, with this model, two builders could dramatically reduce build times of important buildings or Heroes.

This solution would be great for many who already gem and are happy to spend some cash monthly. However, many who are F2P, might not be so enthusiastic.

There are positives and negatives with this model, what is interesting is that it could set a precedent for similar “improvements”, why not introduce a monthly subscription to use your Heroes in war whilst upgrading!

Will it come to Clash of Clans? Why not.

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