Supercell has finally broken its silence on the December update, confirming that there will be new upgrade levels in December.

In November we made these predictions, all of which we still expect to see very soon.

New upgrade levels

As we predicted in November,  we think these will be the new Air Defence and Air Sweeper.

It is also likely that there will be new troop levels at TH11, we don’t know which ones with only the Healer upgrade being ruled out.

Christmas Theme

We still expect Supercell to release some goodies in December, this usually means a 2016 Christmas Tree, 1 gem boosts and possibly the return of snow.

Hopefully, they will have another surprise gift for us. Something like the Santa Strike would be awesome.


New exciting content – January?

Supercell also confirmed that a bigger more exciting update in due for release soon, it was hinted that this would be in mid/late January.

Supercell has not released any spoilers but we predict this relates to the Shipwreck update and this may take the form of a Quest, which will hopefully be expanded and developed over time.

It is understood that Supercell are looking to introduce new game play into CoC. It is uncertain which form this will take although we understand that Quests and/or multi player attacks on expanded bases are seriously being considered.

Engineered Bases

Supercell has also said they have started to address the concerns of Engineered Bases or as they describe them Lopsided Bases. Supercell confirmed that war matchmaking is regularly tweaked with balance changes during most updates. Supercell staff member Anoushka provided the following detail

“In the last update we rolled out a couple of adjustments so that “lopsided” bases/clans don’t have that much advantage as before, and the more extreme cases of lopsided clans will have a harder time finding a match, and will be matched with tougher opponents.

We firmly believe in a good balance and will continue to monitor things and to roll out small (or bigger) adjustments to war matchmaking with every update.”

Meaningful Progression

It was also interesting to hear how Supercell views the various Town Halls as distinct and the importance that Supercell places on “Meaningful Progression”. This is one of Supercell’s guiding values and they want every new Town Hall level to feel like a new chapter in Clash.

What does this mean if you are a lower Town Halls? We suspect Supercell will see that there is already meaningful progression, there are exciting new offerings from TH7 upwards. We believe the introduction of new troops or heroes at below TH9 unlikely.

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