So, it’s that time to speculate on the forthcoming Clash of Clans update. This is what we know/suspect will be introduced before the end of December.


We have previously reported the potential Shipwreck update.  Here are the designs…


The Red update has always occurred in the last week in November.

It appears that this time it will bring a Red Barbarian King and Red Archer Queen. We believe that for a donation of gems you will be able to dress your Heroes in red and thus display your generosity to all.

Additional levels

New levels will be introduced at TH11 for the Air Defence level 9 and Air Sweeper level 7.

New Statue 

A new Barbarian King will be introduced, no doubt for a hefty gem donation.



We expect Supercell to re-balance Engineered Bases or Lopsided Base as Supercell calls them. We expect that the war match making benefit currently enjoyed by Engineered Bases will be eroded almost completely, or at least that will be the attempt.

Clan Perks

We expect some additional Clan Perks, a reward for levelling up. We expect the introduction of new decorations, clan flag, clan badges etc.


We expect that Supercell will soon introduce some for of Quests. December might be a little early for this, but we would expect something early in the New Year.

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