Have you guys checked out COCP.IT, it is a relatively new database tool-thing, which will be useful for all Clashers who take wars seriously. The database contains over 4 million war clans and growing.

What does it do:

  • it can show private war logs and independently tracks losses and ties, for many clans with closed details.
  • this information can help better understand your war opponent, how many stars they score typically and how often they lose.
  • it has a unique Best Win Streak Leaderboard, which keeps even lost win streaks. Find it here: https://cocp.it/tops
  • another unique Leaderboard is Best Win Streak among clans with TH9+ wars only (around 120.000 clans of this type). Find it here: https://cocp.it/tops/rhl
  • smart way to determine the Typical War Difficulty for any clan

We say, take a look and explore, there is loads to discover…

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