The following is an announcement from Supercell:

Fair Play: Clan Wars Edition

Supercell will continue banning accounts that utilize 3rd party software (bots/mods).

However, we don’t believe that’s enough to prevent all Clan War exploits.
Any Clan attempting exploits will be barred from Clan Wars for 14 days. Clan War Suspensions are non-negotiable and apply to the entire Clan!

To avoid permanent ban and/or Clan War Suspension, please remove all related 3rd party software from your devices, and make sure your Clan Mates do the same.

If your current Clan attempts exploits, try joining a different one.

By offering this warning, we hope to give all players a chance to enjoy our games the Fair way.

Clash Today comment

We judge this is Supercell targeting Burner Accounts and the use of other accounts to practice hits using mods.

We would be surprised if this included Engineered Bases as there is no exploit/mod used. However, we would support Supercell negating the effectiveness of Engineered Bases in Clan Wars. That would also mean Fair Play Clan Wars!

What do you guys think, good move by Supercell?

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