We are looking to host a Clan Tournament using the new Clan Challenge feature. This will take place this weekend, on Saturday and Sunday.

We are looking for Clans to participate. Are you up for this challenge?

Tourney Rules

– The tournament will be for TH9. No Town Hall above this level can enter the war. A Town Hall below can participate, but you may be at a serious disadvantage.

– They tourney will be for 10 v 10 wars only.

– Prep day to last 1 hour and war to last 4 hours.

– The tourney will have 16 clans participating, please note this is a trial run, larger tourneys will be held. We will also expand the TH involved and also consider mixed TH at future tourneys.

– The tourney will be a knock out competition. It will consist of round of 16, quarter final, semi final and final.

– When a clan loses, the competition is over for that clan, only the winning clan progresses.

– All clan Leaders will need to join a FB Group, there you can ask questions and chat with your opponent clan leader pre and post war. This FB Group will also list the competition draw (bracket), so you know who you are fighting.

– Any clan entering and failing to participate in the tourney, will be barred from entering another tourney for six months. If you enter you must war !!!

– Two rounds of Clan Challenges will be held on Saturday (round of 16 and Quarter Finals) and two on Sunday (Semi Final and Final).

If you wish to participate, please respond via our FB page. Please provide the following:

– Clan Name

– Clan Tag

– Current Clan XP level

– Current War wins

– CoC name of Leader or Co-Leader making application

– Please confirm that the clan is available to war on both days

Be quick, only 16 clans can participate and make sure you are not already in war!

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