The following is a suggestion by walkman057 a Supercell forum contributor. The original post can be found HERE. This is a well thought through Tournament Mode proposition and worth repeating.

Tournament Mode Idea

I have been thinking of a way to make a Tournament Mode in Clash of Clans for a while and I finally thought of something that sounds good. Here it is.

Note: This is just an idea. The main idea is just a tournament mode in the game. Supercell might decide they want to do it a completely different way, but as long as it is a FREE tournament mode then that’s fine with me!


My idea is sort of simple, but it would work in the game. There is a bracketed tournament where each player does one attack per round. The players will be assigned to another player and the goal is to attack them the best that you can while they try to attack you the best they can. Whoever gets a higher number of stars wins. If both players get the same number of stars, the player with the most percent wins. If the players are still tied, then the player with the shortest attack wins. The winners go to the next round and attack a different person, but the losers can still watch how the tournament folds out. This goes until there is a winner left in the end. When joining a tournament, players will not be against other clans, but against random people.

This would not conflict with Clan Wars. If you are in a Clan War, you can be in a Tournament at the same time.

This is a general idea of what the attack screen could look like:



The matching will be done by your Town Hall level. This will prevent higher Town Hall levels from going to lower Town Hall level parties. When a player searches for a tournament, they can only join it if they are the right Town Hall level.

Entry Fee:

The entry fee will consist of gold, elixir and dark elixir (if you have it). This fee will NOT consist of gems. The reason for the fee is to help pay for the cost of armies (which I will explain in the next section).


This will last for 5 to 10 minutes and allows players to train an army and set up a base for defense. The army used for a Tournament will be separate from your base. There will be no training times and the cost will be free. Players will be able to view their opponents base during preparation time because clan members can not see their opponent’s base, which makes it almost impossible to practice the opponents base.


The window to attack can last from 5 to 10 minutes as well. This is to make the Tournament move more quickly. Players attack their assigned player and try to do their best against them, while their opponent attacks them and does their best. Others in the tournament can view your attacks and you can view theirs. It becomes preparation again right after the battle time ends.


Your streak is the number of tournaments you have won in a row. This will help determine what Tournament to put you in. If you have a streak of 3, the game will try to match you with players with roughly the same streak as you. The higher your streak, the more challenging the Tournaments get. Another possibility is to have your place in previous Tournaments determine what Tournament to put you in. For example, there can be 3 separate Tournaments, which all have players with a streak of 5 but each one has 1st place players, 2nd place players, and 3rd place players. I am not sure if this would be needed, so that is up to Supercell.

Streak Bonus:

The streak bonus will be like a loot bonus. When you attack in a Tournament, instead of getting a loot bonus based on your Trophies, you will get a bonus based on your streak. This will increase competition because people will be competing to get a bigger streak bonus.


After the Tournament, all of the players will get their rewards. The rewards include XP and loot. The rewards will vary depending on how far you got in the Tournament and will most likely be more than the entry fee. First place would get the most rewards, second place would get a little less than first, etc. If a player did not have the time to use all of their attacks, they will still get a reward, but it will be reduced depending on how many times they attacked.

More Info:

If a player loses or misses their attack, they can either wait until the end of the tournament and get the full reward (it is still reduced because they missed an attack), or leave early with an even smaller reward. If they choose to end early, they can join another Tournament if they want to.

Creating a Tournament


Tournament Name:

This is pretty self explanatory. Players can name their Tournament so that others can search for it when joining a tournament.

Party Size:

This is the amount of players allowed in the Tournament. The choices are 4, 8, and 16 players. I think the max should be 16 or else it might clutter the screen. Each one will have the same rules, just a different number of players.

Preparation Length:

This is the length that players have to prepare an army and base. The choices are 5 to 10 minutes.

Amount of Time to Attack:

This is how long players get to do their attacks. The choices are 5 to 10 minutes. This allows for flexibility when attacking.


Although it isn’t in the picture, there should be an option to choose the rules of the Tournament. The rules will help even the playing field and allow players to really show off their skill. There are 3 options – New, Mid, and Max. New is referring to a base that has just upgrade the Town Hall. Mid is referring to a base that is halfway to maxing out their base. Max is referring to a base that has everything to maximum level. When creating a Tournament, the player will choose one of these options. Every player will have to either meet these requirements, or, their bases defenses, buildings, and walls will be moved back to the required level. For example, if a max TH9 wants to join a Tournament with the rules set to New, then his/her base will be changed so that all of the buildings will be the minimum level for a TH9. If a player wants to join and he/she has all minimum level buildings, then their base does not need to change because it already meets the requirements.


New bases will include everything from the shop added in. So, if the max TH9 player (from example) has two x-bows, he/she will still have those x-bows, but they will be level 1. If the new TH9 (from example) does not have an x-bow, he/she will not get one.

More Info:

The creators of the Tournament will have to wait for enough people to join their Tournament. They could be notified when the tournament is ready and then they can participate in the tournament.

Join a Tournament



When joining a Tournament, Tournament options will show up below the Party Size option. Before searching or choosing a Party Size, there will be available Tournaments that players can browse through.


When a creator makes a name for their Tournament, the players can search that name and find that Tournament in the options.

Party Size:

This is another way to find Tournaments without searching a name. Just pick one of the options and available Tournaments will show up below it.

Tournament screen


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