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Ground vs Air Livestream

The next update is in the works and while getting ready for sneak peeks, we’re also preparing a livestream around the new features and content!

It won’t be just about the update – let’s also have a little bit of fun and see which one will be stronger – Ground or Air! While only ground troops or only air troops might not be your usual army composition, neither will this be a normal Clan War. Yes, it’s time for a Friendly War!

Ground vs Air livestream coming on October 9th at 3pm UTC!

Ground vs Air Friendly War rules

On the Ground vs Air livestream everyone will play on maxed out Town Hall 11 accounts provided by us. Both teams have 5 players and they’re allowed to use ONLY ground or air troops + Heroes and Spells. Also Clan Castle troops have to be only ground or air.

More info coming later, but right now the question is:

Are YOU great with ground or air attacks and can master TH11? Want to represent the forum community in one of the teams and show your mad attacking skills on the livestream?! Let us know!! You could be clashing along side two veteran forumers (LachNessMeownster and Superfinch30)

Post your
– Town Hall level
– Army + Spells
– Trophy record
– Conqueror Achievement
– War Stars
– Player ID & name

Please note that in order to play in Ground or Air teams on the livestream, you need to be able to travel to Finland (October 6th -10th, we’ll take care of your flights and hotel).

You must be old enough to travel. The minimum age is 18 but please note that the age limit for traveling abroad might be higher in your Country/State.

You also need to have a valid passport and any other required travel documents (like a Visa).

Visit the Supercell forums to register your interest HERE.

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