The Clash of Clans September or will it be October update is nearly upon us. Many of Clash of Clans releases have been on a Tuesday, if this trend continues, we expect some sneak peeks this weekend.

What are we expecting? Well, as always that is very difficult to gauge. There have been some serious hints already:

– Engineered Bases: We expect heavily ‘lopsided bases’ to be substantially penalised in their war weighting.

– Arranged Wars: We hope that due to the cancellation of ClashCon 2016, this will featured in this release

The following are possible updates in September/October, however with effort going into Arranged Wars, this may slip to the next update.

– Witches: These ladies are set for a come back

– New defensive building

– Other balance changes: Supercell have stated that in Clash Royale, there will be monthly balance changes. This would be sensible in Clash of Clans too.

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