Pocketgamer.biz has a really intriguing article with Ilkka Paananen, the CEO of Supercell.

Of particular interest is that Clash Royale was developed as a concept before Clash of Clans, it was dropped as Supercell didn’t believe that in 2012 there was a demand for this type of game.

Pannanen was asked if there was a declining Supercell interest in eSports.

“No. We’re still very excited about the potential of our games as eSports, particularly Clash Royale, which has already established a presence in that area.

I guess we are still trying to figure out our way to do events and also enable competitive play.

We do not just want to replicate the models that have been using with PC games, we want to do something different, which is built for our types of games and mobile as a platform from the ground up.

We don’t know what that really means in practise yet, so we’re going to try a bunch of different things in an effort to find out – and at the moment we’re actually looking for the right person to join us and help on that.”

Paananen also reiterated Supercell’s model of dropping games rather than introduces failure to the market. Supercell have ditched nine games in the last 2 years, which were all relatively advanced stage or even at Beta, only Clash Royale was launched.

Read the article in full HERE.

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