Who holds the crown for the longest War Win Streak? We dig deep and reveal the answer.

Supercell started capturing the War Win Streak with the March 2016 update. Since then a number of clans remain undefeated. Unfortunately, the War Win Streak record prior to March 2016 is unavailable.

It is therefore challenging to identify accurately the clan with the longest War Win Streak. In some instances it is obvious, UniteD PH (#Y8P2UR98) display their war log and they remain unbeaten with 176 wins and no draws or losses.

Other contenders are harder to identify. However, it does appear that #6aymartians (#9JPQ0LRV) are leading the pack. Their win streak recorded by http://www.clashofstats.net is 133, UniteD PH are on 134.

However, #6aymartians appear to have a War Win Streak of 278. You can take a look at this claim yourself here. All of our research indicates this is genuine.

Does anyone know of a clan with a better War Win Streak?


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