Arranged Wars are being developed by Supercell. This should be an awesome addition to the game. One benefit is to help facilitate Clan Tournaments.

Supercell have asked for feedback. This is your opportunity to shape Arranged Wars, make sure you have your say.

What we know:

– A Clan will be able challenge any other Clan, that Clan can accept or decline the challenge.

– The challenging Clan sets the duration of preparation

– The challenging Clan sets the duration of the war

– You can’t issue a challenge when already in a war

All good.

Clash Today would like to see the following additions:

– During the challenge, the number of each Town Hall is summarised with War Weight (i.e. 6 TH9 and 4 TH8 with total War Weight 57.5)

– The challenged team responds with a summary of their army composition (i.e. 5 TH9 and 5 TH8 with total War Weight 56.8)

– Both Clan Leaders can then either accept or decline the Arranged War

– Allow upgrading Hero participation

– The Clan war log includes these results, but includes an Arranged War flag

– No Clan XP awarded. This feature could be abused otherwise

– Ability to communicate with other clan, especially when organising the matchup. This could be limited to the Leader/Co-Leader who issued the challenge.

What have we missed?

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