The following was written by LachNessMeownster a Supercell forum moderator, after discussions with Supercell.

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The team doesn’t use the words ‘engineered bases’, they call them ‘lopsided bases’.

A few months back they changed clan war weighting to stop people who had high level bases, but low level troops only upgrading the ones they used. But then people learnt to do the opposite.

They will be balancing things out again, though I was not given a time frame, so could be this update but also might not.

Clan Perks

Currently, perks cap out at level 10. However clan levels continue on. While not likely to happen in this coming update, what the team is planning to do is give some sort of reward for levelling up. (new decorations, clan flag, clan badges etc.)

They don’t want to increase the perks system because they too heavily influence people to join a specific clan, and in another year or two it would be extremely hard to recruit people into a startup clan with so many high level clans.

Heroes in War

Still a no to having upgrading heroes always available. However, they really want to have them in FC’s, to allow for real practice, so it’s very likely that we will see some changes there.

Global Chat & Co-Leader Chat

Global chat has been on the radar for a long time, the problem is so many on the team have mixed feelings about it. Some want to get rid of it, others want to improve it because it’s really the only in-game way of recruiting people. So nothing has been decided on this yet, but it’s on the agenda for the next meeting.

In regards to co-leader chat, they love the idea of it, but are unsure of the implementation of it. Every single message is recorded due to legal reasons, and another chat is just more messages to store. So in short, the moderation of such a thing would be tricky, but also not ruled out now.

Friendly Challenges

I can’t give any details on what’s coming in case things change, but you can expect a lot of improvements and changes to friendly challenges.

One thing I stressed is the 24 hour cool down needs improvement. Especially if you are testing a base, and need to move a few traps, it can be rather frustrating waiting to try it again.

They seemed rather receptive of having a minimum amount of moves before the cool down activates.

They also explained the cool down was never part of the design, but an addition to solve the modding issues that the community brought up during the sneak peeks. And they are open to improving it.


Clouds are one of things I only briefly got to touch on. Would rather wait till I have a more solid answer to give you. But in short, yes… They know it sucks big time! And they have some awesome ideas in mind.

Burner Accounts

I did get an answer on burners, but I can’t say it publicly at this time, sorry!

Great feedback Lach!

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