We asked for you best TH8 War bases and you responded.

To be included in this list, you must be able to see all buildings and traps, many decent bases were ruled out for these reasons. All of the bases displayed are considered anti-three stars.

At TH8 the big threats are Mass Dragons for early TH8’s and Hogs/Valks for developed TH8’s. These bases must have considered defending these attacks in the base design. In our view Double Giant Bombs are essential to thwart Hog attacks, they can smash Valks too.

Here you go, these are in our view the Top 10, these are displayed here in order they were submitted to Clash Today.

A big thank you to all that contributed!


th8 1


th8 7


th8 11


th8 16


th8 19


th8 22


th8 28


th8 31


th8 35


th8 39

Many very good bases didn’t make the top 10, please remember this is just our opinion and there isn’t a right or wrong.

This is an ongoing process and we will review this list, especially after hearing your feedback.

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