Does your clan want to win more wars? Here are twelve top tips, that will help turn those close defeats into wins.

– Don’t use internet war bases, they are too easy to track down, identify trap locations and practice on. Copy hard to hit bases from an enemy clan, if you are having difficulty hitting these bases others should too.

– Don’t put new members into war, let them settle into the clan first and get used to the war culture. They can see how you run wars and you can avoid adding hoppers.

– Make sure every clan castle is filled with max/highest level troops. Ignore naive clan castle defensive requests and get the members to change them.

– Ask the most experienced attackers to check all of your clan’s war bases regularly. Make sure those unfit are changed. Be strict, war ban those that don’t change their bases.

– Learn how to 3 star bases, only 3 stars win wars! This sounds obvious but sometimes attackers need coaching, either from clanmates or best of all on YouTube. Check some of these.

– Take your time to attack, scout it, chat it through with clan members and watch replays. A quick unprepared hit is a sure way to fail.

– Develop a war clan ethos. A war clan is expected to always be at war. Those members sitting out too many wars should be kicked. Make sure new members know the rules and that your clan takes wars seriously. Post it in the clan info, and tell new members what is expected.

– Make sure there is good battle day war management. Either the Leader or Co-Leader manages the war and makes sure all are aware of their responsibilities, great communication is essential. Members should listen or face the boot.

– For most attackers, make sure you hit a base for three stars, this usually means dropping and not hitting your mirror. If you have to drop 5 places or more, then drop. Don’t waste hits by getting only two stars.

– Never allow looting. Always encourage a practice hit on a suitable base instead of looting. They will learn more and this will encourage all to hit earlier. Be strict, kick looters.

– Now that you have developed a war clan, make sure that all members hit twice. Failure to hit twice by newbies means the boot. Long term members get a stern warning, demotion then the boot.

– Never allow a member to war with a hero down, this is too much of a liability.

A war clan needs a strong but fair leader. Make sure everyone knows the rules and what it means if these rules are ignored.

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