Supercell have confirmed that the next Clash of Clans update is scheduled for mid September.

This update will include some balancing. Supercell acknowledge that it is currently too easy to 3 star a TH11 with mass Bowlers.

Supercell said “Ideally we would nerf dominant units indirectly, instead of nerfing their HP/DPS/increase housing space etc, but that can’t always be the case. Balance is not an easy task, even with the smallest changes done to a unit we risk seeing them going from “too OP” to “ineffective” (Witches would be the best example right now), or conversely underwhelming units becoming the newest OP troop (Bowlers).”

Supercell say these are short terms adjustments and are still refining the update, Supercell will provide more details soon.

In the long run Supercell say they are looking at introducing a new sort of defense that targets bigger groups of mid -range units, and possibly buffing Witches a bit.

It’s great that Supercell finally realise they need to,communicate, we hope this dialogue continues.

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