In Clash Today’s view, there are many great YouTubers educating and entertaining the Clash of Clans community. In our view there are only two that are outstanding.

One of these is Jake from One Hive, sadly Jake yesterday announced he was quitting his YouTube channel. This has disappointed many who have developed their attacking prowess by watching Jake critique so many attacks.

Jake leaving is a big loss to the Clash of Clans YouTube community, although as always someone will fill his shoes and CoC will live on and hopefully grow to new heights.

However, more worrying is the reason why Jake left. There appears to be a certain degree of fatigue contributing to his decision, but mainly he is frustrated as to the direction Clash of Clans is heading.

If Jake is ‘in the know’, which he may be, then this is very disturbing news. Jake was a lover of all things war. If Jake believes that Supercell are not able to develop more depth to war, then this is seriously bad news for the rest of us war lovers, who believe enhancing the war experience is essential for the continued longevity of Clash of Clans.

For those of you that have never watched his videos, you are encouraged to take a look.

Alternatively, take a look at some these videos of Jake’s that we have featured on Clash Today over the past few months.

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