Many out there will have heard of Clash with Ash. In Clash Today’s opinion he is the finest YouTuber delivering content for Clash of Clans.

Ash possess a Supercell developer version of Clash of Clans and an ‘outsider’ who is probably one of the closest to being ‘in the know.’ Ash is intelligent and articulate, when he speaks, he speaks deliberately.

It is really interesting that Ash said that he hoped that during Clashcon in November, Supercell would be in a position to deliver sneak peeks for the ‘biggest ever update’. He further explained that this feature would have a ‘game mode’.

This follows a comment made several weeks ago by another prominent ‘in the know’ outsider that the next big update would be war focussed.

Probably the biggest update so far, was the introduction of War in April 2014. It will be going some to beat this update.

We still suspect and hope that this update is either a Player or Clan Tournament mode for Clash of Clans.

Any ideas out there?

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