Hello, My name is Charlie and I’m here to offer some insight and knowledge towards the elite warring community of Clash of Clans.

To begin with, there are multiple ‘alliances’ in the warring scene, some are FairPlay while others mod. I’ll only mention the well-known groups.

In this post we will Look at Digital Warlords Associated (DWA). The DWA were one of the first alliances created. They hold weekly scrimmages and hold regular tournaments.

The clans within the DWA family are:

  • District 13 (2 clans)
  • Ares Legion (4 clans)
  • OneHive Family (2 clans)
  • Zombie Rejects Family (3 clans)
  • White Temple (2 clans)
  • Spartan’s Legacy Family (3 clans)
  • WarBears (1 clan)
  • Power CoC (2 clans)
  • Immoral War Family (5 clans)
  • Savage Sloots (2 clans)
  • Kornfeld (2 clans)
  • Regulators X (3 clans)
  • Worlds Collide (2 clans)
  • Ninja Muffins (1 clan)

Here are a couple of examples of the quality of the clans within DWA.



The objectives of the Digital Warlords Associated is to:

Scrims & Events

Monthly large D.W.A. scrims. Themed events like TH10 only war and other fun ideas anyone within the D.W.A. comes up with. The more events and scrims the better! We use a unique automatic scrim making sheet which allows us to cut the work of organizing events drastically.

Networking and Connections within the Fairplay Community

Our members enjoy being in contact with each other to stay up to date on all the current happenings within the clash of clans FairPlay community and other related information. Our connections spread wide throughout the game and allows us to find arranged wars/scrims/events easily. We aim to create positive relations with all other Fairplay clans or alliances out there.


Most importantly we are all a family and look out for one another in any way we can, if it’s needing a sub or bouncing ideas off one another, at the end of the day we can all trust each other and are creating a bond that extends far outside of the game itself.

Do you want to know more?

You can check DWA out on Twitter

How does my clan join DWA?

If you think your clan is good enough, you can apply to join HERE. Be warned they are only likely to take the best.

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