It appears that Supercell have failed miserably to root out modding in Clash of Clans. Yes, many have received bans, but those clever enough have found a workaround, burner accounts.

Clash Today highlighted the troublesome Burner Accounts in mid June. The problem seems to be accelerating with modding clans realising Supercell are impotent.

An example of a clan using burner accounts is Deebo’s Army. This is a level 11 clan with a seemingly impressive 336 war wins and 21 war win streak.

However, these are hollow victories won by cheating. This is just one of their bases used to mod attacks.


There are many other clans out there like this, it’s just a shame Supercell are unwilling to resolve this issue.

The conundrum is, why haven’t Supercell succeeded. The answer is simple, and lies deep within Supercell’s culture. Supercell actually revels in flops and misadventures.

The CEO of Supercell was interviewed by Gamasutra and said “We have this culture of celebrating failure,” explains Paananen.  “…when we really screw up, we celebrate with champagne.”

Those in charge of resolving modding are obviously so sloshed on champagne they will never be sober long enough to stamp out modding, and why would they.

It also doesn’t help that Supercell employees dislike resolving these types of issues. “Of course we have some processes,” he adds, “but basically everybody hates processes here, for there to be a process of any kind, there has to be a really good reason.”

It appears modding isn’t a real good reason. What a shame.

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