Those that have ventured far enough into Titan and Legend Leagues, will know that the Clash of Clans clouds are an omnipresent nightmare.

Searching for just one target to hit requires so much patience that many don’t bother trying to reach the top or hang around for long when they do. They just head straight back to farm.

If you havent been there, you can wait hours and still not find a single target. This isn’t nexting waiting for a suitable target, this is any target.

Naturally, the frustration is multiplied when you are smashed the second your shield expires and lose loads of cups you haven’t had an opportunity to gain.

Many in Clash of Clans aren’t bothered about pushing into Legend, but for those that are max or near max at TH11, what challenges remains?

The clouds are caused by various factors, but the consequences are straight forward, there are insufficient bases to hit. This needs urgent attention and for Supercell to continue to neglect this issue after several years of tinkering is disappointing. It appears that Supercell isn’t bothered, which is mind boggling.

There are a number of solutions available, you just need to check the various Clash of Clans forums to read these. Quite simply more people are needed in Titan and Legend and those there need to hit more.

To achieve this Supercell needs to make it beneficial to clashers to visit Legend, and it needs to be far more attractive than farming in gold or crystal.

To achieve this, Supercell needs to award gems to those in Legend. This could be by increasing the gems awarded when clearing trees etc. Multiply these rewards by 4, for example a hundred gems is gifted when you open a gem box in Legend.

This will attract many to Legend, but you still need those in Legend attacking more and hitting through their shields. Again, gems should be awarded for a successful raid in Titan.

There is a school of thought by some, just stop moaning and drop. This is a bewildering and defeatist attitude. You should expect the game to work correctly and those wanting to challenge themselves should be encouraged not dissuaded for reaching the top.

Come on Supercell, this is an easy fix. You just need to put your hand in your pockets, it’s within your gift.

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