Red Bull are a big eSport sponsor, it appears that Clash Royale has caught their attention. takes a look at Clash Royale and its foray into eSports

Supercell’s latest mobile success story was built with eSports in mind, so can it succeed?

The big eSports of the world may be hogging almost all of the spotlight right now, especially with the likes of Counter-Strike jamboree ESL One Cologne and Dota world cup The International 6 dominating the summer tournament landscape, but quietly, a mobile revolution is building, and leading the charge is card battler Clash Royale.

Having launched just a few months ago, the latest effort from Clash of Clans creator Supercell has already established a competitive scene, and has recently seen the introduction of an in game tournament system to make competition even easier. Players from all corners of the world are competing in tournaments in game and online, and climbing their way to the top of the ladders.

But for the very top players their goal is, much like many other eSports, the LAN events. Already we have seen a handful of LANs, with the most successful arguably being an ESL tournament in Helsinki a few months ago. The event offered €10,000 to the winner and brought in more than 2.5 million views. This success showed that Clash Royale has incredible potential, which both ESL and Supercell are looking to capitalise on.

It was an absolute blast,” says Sean Charles, VP of publisher and developer relations at ESL, when talking about the Helsinki event that he hosted. “It was such a fun event for the players and for the audience. It’s really an honour to be part of an event like that, and a memory I hold very dear. It’s a sign of things to come and I’m very excited for the future of competitive Clash Royale.”


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