Supercell should create a Marketplace, a building where you can conduct trade. The depth within Clash of Clans to immerse clashers within the game is fantastic, but for a game like Clash of Clans trading is a big piece of the jigsaw that’s missing.

Supercell constantly look at numerous ideas to improve the game, they only implement a few. Supercell has previously stated that they had ruled out a Marketplace. They should reconsider.

Supercell should keep an open mind and not close the door to reasonable suggestions. Supercell should slowly introduce trading as a feature within Clash of Clans.

What is a Marketplace?

A Marketplace is where you would be able to conduct trade with your clan members.

Marketplace suggestions

Initially you would be able to trade gold, elixir and dark elixir. For this privilege you would pay a hefty currency exchange commission.

The Marketplace could be introduced at TH7, where a commission rate of 30% would apply, the commission would increase by 5% with each TH, which would give you a commission rate of 50% at TH11.

So, when exchanging gold for elixir, 500k of gold would be exchanged for 250k of elixir. These rate could fluctuate to balance in-game resource requirements.

In relation to exchanging DE for gold or elixir, a commission rate of 0.1 % could be introduced, the commission rate would vary. But roughly 500k gold would generate 500 dark elixir.

To prevent exploitation, you are only able to trade with the same person once a month. This stops multiple alts constantly feeding one account.

You could only trade with a TH level either side of you. This will stop TH11 dump unwanted loot at very low TH levels and interfering too much with game play development.

There could be many other uses for a Marketplace, such as hiring a builder. Your clan members can offer for hire their builders. You would pay a hefty daily rate for their services and a commission.

At the moment a defensive Clan Castle receives donations only. However, when on at unsociable hours there may be nobody to donate. The Marketplace will always be open and you can purchase your defensive Clan Castle troops from other clan members, who have posted these troops as available.

Is there anything else you think could trade in a marketplace? There must be many more uses for a Marketplace in Clash of Clans?

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