Is your clan any good? How do you know?

Your in-game clan profile provides some data that helps you a little. It provides your clan XP level, it provides total war wins and win streak. All of this is helpful.

However, it doesn’t really help you judge how good you are against other clans, your enemies and your rivals.

Why not find out, use Clash of Stats to check how good you really are. It’s a great site, simple to use and it makes it easy to see how your clan is improving compared to others in your country or even globally.

Your clan will be ranked in both clan war wins and war win streak. Each week, just keep an eye on your clan rankings to make sure you are getting higher up the country rankings and not dropping?

clash of stats rankings

clash of stats clan bests

You can also easily compare your clan against others. This feature is very useful if you are looking at joining a new clan or just to compare your clan against your war match up.

Use Clash of Stats to find the candidates and then compare them all side by side. It works great!

Here are is an example of the two top clans by trophies in the USA.

clash of stats compare 1

clash of stats compare 2

We reviewed Clash of Stats a few months back, you can read about more features HERE, there are loads more things to do there!


The Clash of Stats site can be found HERE.

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