Valks have been described as the Clash of Clans Wrecking Ball and since Supercell updated the Valks AI in March 2016, they have certainly warranted that description.

We all know that Valks are over powered, they can cause devastation without too much thought. However, in war to earn those three stars you still need to execute your attack wisely. You must ensure the Valks are funnelled to the core or failure awaits.

Q: How does the Valk AI Work?

Valks will target clusters of building first, Valks will follow these clusters.

Defences are built to tempt Valks away from the core, make sure you consider this during attack planning.

Q: My Valks keep walking around the base

When creating the funnel, drop your Golem wider than other similar strategies. Make sure the funnel is wide enough so that the Valks head for the centre.

Once the outside is cleared drop a Jump spell, the Golem will take it and hopefully trigger any Giant Bombs, then it’s time for the Wrecking Balls.

Q: What is the Valk weakness

Make sure you take out the Clan Castle or at least plan for it during raid. A Dragon and Loon or Minions can quickly cause mayhem if left alone.

Valkyrie Strategies: 

There are many different Valk strategies, we bring you the finest, which are produced by the best YouTubers out there.

GoVaLo @ TH8

GoVaLo @ TH9

GoVaHo, Mass Valk, Queen Walk GoVaWi/GoVaHo

Queen Walk and Valks

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